Conspiracy or Business as Usual

 I normally do not follow or believe in conspiracy theories.  Saying that, I guess it must be easier for a group to conspire because no-one believes it happens.

  I love my country, but I trust any of our politicians about as much as I can toss one.
  The more I read, research, and listen to news though, it gives an impression that their really are groups out there that are conspiring for one thing or another.
  What is a conspiracy? If you look up the definition of conspiracy, you will see that the definition is about as clear as mud. So, here is my opinion of what a conspiracy is. A conspiracy is an ideal or actions taken by one or more individuals to further a specific goal, idea, or opinion; or to subvert someone else’s ideals, actions, group, The democrats are conspiring, the republicans are. the iranians are definitely doing it.  Come to think of it, most people are conspiring in one way or another.
   So much negativism about a conspiracy theory?  Just because it is a conspiracy theory does not mean it is nonexistant.  That is kind of like, just because I am paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get me.
  I guess that trying to figure out how to make my employer pay me for staying home is different from conspiring to get my man in office so he can work for what I want.
Hmmm, so the label of conspiracy theory does not exist; if someone is planning something to further their interests or those of their group, then it is not a theory.
  In light of this, I make my own assumption about it.
  I read too much and watch the news on TV more than I should.  All it does is tick me off.  I also read the news on-line.  The major news stations on TV do have their own agenda and slant.  Even the no-spin type news is the same way. 

  Over the last few weeks I keep getting bothered by this “conspiracy theory”, and I would hope it is just the rambling thoughts of this over-the-hill old fart that is just not happy with the kinds of change we are having  in this world.
  In the U.S., we are having so many problems that we are dealing with.
  The high price of fuel and food hit everyone’s pocketbook and does have an effect on our standard of living.  In addition to this, we have major problems with illegal immigration, border control, terrorism, iraq war, our elected and soon to be elected leaders, national security, and our personal freedoms and rights.

 These problems are either handled ineffectivly or not at all.  That is clear to most Americans now.  We yell and write and threaten, but it has no effect on how our elected rulers conduct business.  They keep doing things the way they believe to be right, getting the same results, not following the will of the people, and miring us down.

  While we are so busy worrying about money and oil, the war and terrorists, or the illegal aliens, we are not seeing what else is going on.  It appears to me that there are many more problems that are not “newsworthy” or done on the quiet with no fanfare, no publicity, and no one except the bloggers seem to be paying any attention at all! Are we being blindsided or misdirected. We have NAFTA, GATT, the  NAU.  Our goverment leaders and the very wealthy keep discussing how to open borders between Canada and Mexico. It has become politically incorrect to question anyones motives on anything. The 1st and the 2nd amendment, among others,are under attack by the Supreme Court, leftists, foreigners, and treasonous bastards.  After 9/11 it became acceptable for Americans to give up certain rights “for our own security”.  Our founding fathers warned us about this very thing, but people pay no attention or they believe they are smarter than the founding fathers. Hell, the Supreme Court has given RIGHTS to prisoners of war!  Now they can use our own laws against us!  If that had happened in WWII we would have lost the war.
The United Nations is a joke, but they are dangersous.  They do not like us,they want to control us. The news media will not discuss many of these other problems. There is an organization called CAIR. It is the Council on American Islamic relations. Many of their founders have been found guilty of terrorism. Several have either been deported or put in jail.  We do not hear about that at all.  On the list of organizations that Obama has supported you will find CAIR. They are also on the list of his supporters. The media and our leaders will not discuss this group here in the United States.  I guess that since it is an islamic group, it must be politically incorrect to question them.
  The first order of business should be to control the borders. The 2nd order of business should be to control congress.  Lets start over.  Lets not vote for any incumbant.  Vote out ALL of these idiots that cannot semm to do a darn thing right, or they are doing it right for themselves and their organization.

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