Bad Guns

I had to modify to post below.  I used Christopher Martinez as the perp, which was very dumb.  My  apologies for this.

I am sorry for the people murdered by Elliot Rodger .  Unlike Mr. Martinez, I cannot blame guns.  The man was 22 years old.  Evidently he had serious mental problems or was raised badly by his parents.  I have no idea.  What I know though is that a gun cannot hurt people, it is impossible.  A person has to make it work.  Just like if I picked up a stick and shoved it through someones heart.  It is just a stick.  Mr. Martinez can blame anyone or anything he wants, I don’t care.   Not to be unfeeling,  it would devastate me also if that were to happen to someone I loved.

What I do care about are claims that it is the guns fault or the NRA.  If he had not had a gun he may have used a knife.  Who knows, the kid was damaged upstairs anyway.

Now, if someone stabs or shoots a loved one of mine, or beats them, I will not be going after the weapon they used.  I will be going after the piece of shit that did it.

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