That means “the end of the world as we know it”.  Not destruction of the planet necessarily, but destruction of our way of life.  If you think about it though, It is a very appropriate acronym.  What the preppers do is an extremely smart way of life that has been mostly lost over the last 75 years.  I think that everyone should take actions to try and keep their families safer.

Your grandparents were preppers.  They saved, stored, gardened, and prepared for the winter or bad times.  In many cases, that is the only way people survived.  That is the way life was worldwide since Adam got his rear kicked out of Eden.

Now though, our stores are full, we have electricity and fuel and everything runs fine.  We have heat for our homes and air conditioning and water to the house.  I don’t have to stock up on groceries unless I want to. Entertainment of all kinds just staying at home.  We can call our families and friends or email them.  We don’t really have to see them.  Because of the availability of fuel I can go to the store every day or so and just buy what I want then.  Our way of life has progressed and gotten pretty darn good compared to how it has been since the beginning of history.  Read some of the dystopian stories and I don’t mean zombies.  Some of them are very good, and some are scary as hell, because they are possible.  Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, crop failures, no rain, or a war could cause this.  Americans have become too insulated and comfy.

As one example, I think most everyone is aware of suitcase nukes.  Our government actually watches for this.  I hope they are doing a good job, really.  Just pretend a couple of muslims got through with their gifts.  Downtown New York city is a long ways from me here in Texas, but if they had a nuke there, the financial problems would be immediate everywhere.  I am sure they would shut down banks and declare martial law.  That means if you did not have money in your pocket you are out of luck.  Even if you do,  prices will probably raise faster than anyone can keep up with so you will not be able to buy much.

Lets pretend you had money and prices did not change.  Everyone will go crazy and the stores will empty out very quickly with people trying to stock up at the last minute.  Since most grocery stores stock a three day supply, it probably will not be resupplied quickly if at all.  Why you ask?  Fuel is the problem.  Once New York and the stock markets are down, available fuel will skyrocket and transportation will drop like a rock.

An even faster scenario, and plausible also, is an EMP over the U.S.  I do not think it will matter where because if it happened anywhere, it would effect every one of us.  Think of it.  A complete loss of electricity and power anywhere in the country would basically almost stop us in our tracks.  In the stories they talk about several at once to stop everything.  I don’t think it would take but one.  With power we get heat, air, water, food, fuel, light, travel, hospitals, retirement homes, and of course our money and communications.  What happens if one area of the United States was attacked like this and suddenly had no power?  Yeah, mobs, starvation, sickness, people willing to steal to feed their children, all manner of nightmares to deal with.  If the eastern part of the country was like that, they would be moving fast as they can to the west, to us.  By then though, we would be having problems also and the masses would just make it worse.

I am just rattling on here about one of many things that bother me.  This is an issue that everyone needs to think of, but I don’t think it is on many peoples radar.  I think that sooner or later, for one reason or another, everyone will have a chance to say to themselves, “damn, we are not prepared for this”!

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