Howard Zinn, Idiot

Howard Zinn was an acclaimed and well-respected historian.  Well, in some circles he was.  In other circles, he was viewed as an idiot. He ignored history and facts, preferring to make up history using his own viewpoint and anti-American ideals.
This “scholar” would seem to purposely take a section of history, then reverse what happened or not include all the facts.  He was exceptionally adept at ignoring facts or written history.
Almost without exception in his writings, he blamed anyone white, or anything American.
  I will not list his books, but if you want to read them, please go to the thrift shop, or book traders…Don’t spend good money on them.
 Just to know a little bit more about him, this website is very good.

Why am I blogging about this? Well, the left wing bloggers are upset that this “great” man has died.  This icon of ignorance has left the country he hated.  He is no longer spewing his venom upon the nation that allowed him the freedom to express his “thoughts”.
  Like his thoughts and his writings, wormfood.

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Obama Who?

The other day, obama attacked the Supreme Court. Up untill now he has been content to attack anyone else that disagrees with his socialist agenda. The legislative branch is mostly in the socialist pocket, the executive branch, well, that is him and his fellow traitors.  That only leaves the judicial branch.  Many of the lower courts have gotten “progressive”. The only thing he could not control was the supreme court.  So now, he is attacking it. That makes you wonder why he is doing all this?  Why does he not recognize his position in this country as the elected president?  Is that not enough?  Is he so smart that he can fix all of our problems?  Is he so much more brilliant than any on else that he sees the right way and everyone else is wrong?
  Nope, dont think so.  I have not seen any records of his.  As far as I know he did not go to college.  All we are told is that he went to law school and passed.  That is all.  No one is allowed to see his transcripts. No one is allowed to access his records.  That alone makes me suspicious.  In my line of work, I have to be able to prove my education.    Also, to get a security clearance, we have to be able to account for everything. They want a detailed list of who you knew, who knew you, where you lived, where you worked……..Depending upon the type of clearance, you can be required to go back over 20 or more years.  Can the president do that? Can he justify to all the investigating agencies that he is trustworthy enough to have access to everything?  Are we sure who his father was?  How about his mother?  Is there proof who she was? We cannot even see if he was a live birth.

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Afghanistan Sex

Recently, Fox News published a report about an unofficial study on Afghan men and their preference for young boys for pleasure.    I have been here in Afghanistan for over 18 months now.
  Their preference for boys is not new news to anyone over here. We even joke about their thursday activities.  It seems thay have “friendly thursday”.  I don’t however, think this activity is confined to the afghans, I think it is an islamic thing.  Their kuran even discusses this.  The one thing you will not find out is that last summer, we were warned not to be out alone at night.  There was a problem with rapes here at Bagram.  No, the women here were safe. There were several instances of male soldiers getting knocked down and raped though.  There was even a sergeant major that was raped. 
I never heard if they found out who was doing it. The general consensus here is that it was some of the egyptians or afghans were doing it.  No proof, as far as I know.

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