Life Happens When You Are Making Plans

Where to start?  It has been a really rough couple of months.  I am healthy enough.  All the doctors gave me clearance to do anything.

Three weeks ago, my company sent me to CRC in Ft. Benning.  The CRC is a weeks worth of training and evaluation to approve you to go back into a war zone.  I was going back to Afghanistan.  All of  a sudden, these morons decided they wanted me to wait a year until after my surgery before I go back.  On the surface, that is not an unreasonable requirement.  However, my doctors cleared me to deploy and I had been exercising a lot.  I can do 5 miles with a full backpack.  Anyway, they refused me and let many obese people, I am talking short and over 300 lbs, pass.

In the mean time, my wife had put everything in storage.  She was going to live with family and friends for a bit while I was overseas, and she moved out of our house.  So I came back home and found myself homeless basically.

because of all that, I was no longer working for my company, they call it leave without pay, my medical insurance lapsed because of this.  So now I am looking for work, but by my own fault I guess, I will only live in certain areas.  So that limits me.

I am just whining.  Life happens

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