Howard Zinn, Idiot

Howard Zinn was an acclaimed and well-respected historian.  Well, in some circles he was.  In other circles, he was viewed as an idiot. He ignored history and facts, preferring to make up history using his own viewpoint and anti-American ideals.
This “scholar” would seem to purposely take a section of history, then reverse what happened or not include all the facts.  He was exceptionally adept at ignoring facts or written history.
Almost without exception in his writings, he blamed anyone white, or anything American.
  I will not list his books, but if you want to read them, please go to the thrift shop, or book traders…Don’t spend good money on them.
 Just to know a little bit more about him, this website is very good.

Why am I blogging about this? Well, the left wing bloggers are upset that this “great” man has died.  This icon of ignorance has left the country he hated.  He is no longer spewing his venom upon the nation that allowed him the freedom to express his “thoughts”.
  Like his thoughts and his writings, wormfood.

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