Afghanistan Sex

Recently, Fox News published a report about an unofficial study on Afghan men and their preference for young boys for pleasure.    I have been here in Afghanistan for over 18 months now.
  Their preference for boys is not new news to anyone over here. We even joke about their thursday activities.  It seems thay have “friendly thursday”.  I don’t however, think this activity is confined to the afghans, I think it is an islamic thing.  Their kuran even discusses this.  The one thing you will not find out is that last summer, we were warned not to be out alone at night.  There was a problem with rapes here at Bagram.  No, the women here were safe. There were several instances of male soldiers getting knocked down and raped though.  There was even a sergeant major that was raped. 
I never heard if they found out who was doing it. The general consensus here is that it was some of the egyptians or afghans were doing it.  No proof, as far as I know.

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