Old Soldiers

I am in a old soldier feeling sorry for myself mood tonight. I got out of the hospital a few days ago. I got some new drugs from the VA. I was looking for a quote or song or something about vets and death or life. Mainly how tough it can be growing old. I have never been a civilian so I cannot say for them. At a young age my dream was the Army, and I got it. I turned 19 and 21 in nam.
After all the travel and adventure and crazy things, you realize one thing that the recruiter or other guys never mentioned. Maybe I should have discussed it with my step dad, or grandfather, but I never did.
I have an ongoing problem with my age, just like everyone else, almost. My problem though is not getting old really. It is the way I am getting old and my past.
I loved the army. I spent two tours in vietnam and almost 10 years in Germany. It can be boring a lot, it also takes time from family. But I loved it all from guard duty to laying in the fields in the fog trying to get a shot off, to cowering in bunkers hoping that they miss me. You get a certain rush out of it all that you do not forget. It effects you in a way nothing else does. The bad times fade away mostly, but the danger and thrill and your mission remain.
When I was 58, I got a job in Afghanistan as a contractor. My wife agreed because of money. I could have given a crap about the money. I was back in a war zone. It was not quite the same. I lived there for two years, not allowed to have a handgun, but you should have seen my knives. When attacked we had to go to the bunkers. We still had to put up with mortars and rockets and snipers, but it wasn’t quite the same thing. These days they have “rules of engagement”. That is a politically correct term to say you cannot fire when fired upon, unless higher up says it is ok. Kinda different from my war.
Anyway, I went because I missed something. I still do. For the life of me I do not know what it is. I always knew I would die in a battle somewhere, but I was wrong. I got old and am losing this battle in the worse way possible.
You cannot fight getting old and weak, it is a curse that creeps upon you when you least expect it. Bullet wounds and knife cuts heal up, but I came back from nam exposed to agent orange and got a defective heart and a pacemaker, arthritus, very weak ankles, the man plumbing stopped working years ago, and some really interesting nightmares that still come and go to this day. The body heals, not your head though. I am still better off than many of my brothers and sisters. I feel a little guilty about how it turned out. I came back with all my body parts and so many died and came home missing so much. I guess sometimes I feel like I should have done more somehow, or I got cheated. I know it is silly, but it is there.
You know what, I would still go back and do it again.
Outside of spiders, I have only one fear for myself. I am terrified of ending in an old folks home with shitty pants and no way to get out of it. When the time comes, I pray I have enough left in me to go off by myself to a place I love. The Chihuahua desert of Texas is beautiful.  And no, no matter how this all sounds, I am not looking to end it.  I figure sooner or later the Lord will take me at His pleasure.

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Bad Guns

I had to modify to post below.  I used Christopher Martinez as the perp, which was very dumb.  My  apologies for this.

I am sorry for the people murdered by Elliot Rodger .  Unlike Mr. Martinez, I cannot blame guns.  The man was 22 years old.  Evidently he had serious mental problems or was raised badly by his parents.  I have no idea.  What I know though is that a gun cannot hurt people, it is impossible.  A person has to make it work.  Just like if I picked up a stick and shoved it through someones heart.  It is just a stick.  Mr. Martinez can blame anyone or anything he wants, I don’t care.   Not to be unfeeling,  it would devastate me also if that were to happen to someone I loved.

What I do care about are claims that it is the guns fault or the NRA.  If he had not had a gun he may have used a knife.  Who knows, the kid was damaged upstairs anyway.

Now, if someone stabs or shoots a loved one of mine, or beats them, I will not be going after the weapon they used.  I will be going after the piece of shit that did it.

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That means “the end of the world as we know it”.  Not destruction of the planet necessarily, but destruction of our way of life.  If you think about it though, It is a very appropriate acronym.  What the preppers do is an extremely smart way of life that has been mostly lost over the last 75 years.  I think that everyone should take actions to try and keep their families safer.

Your grandparents were preppers.  They saved, stored, gardened, and prepared for the winter or bad times.  In many cases, that is the only way people survived.  That is the way life was worldwide since Adam got his rear kicked out of Eden.

Now though, our stores are full, we have electricity and fuel and everything runs fine.  We have heat for our homes and air conditioning and water to the house.  I don’t have to stock up on groceries unless I want to. Entertainment of all kinds just staying at home.  We can call our families and friends or email them.  We don’t really have to see them.  Because of the availability of fuel I can go to the store every day or so and just buy what I want then.  Our way of life has progressed and gotten pretty darn good compared to how it has been since the beginning of history.  Read some of the dystopian stories and I don’t mean zombies.  Some of them are very good, and some are scary as hell, because they are possible.  Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, crop failures, no rain, or a war could cause this.  Americans have become too insulated and comfy.

As one example, I think most everyone is aware of suitcase nukes.  Our government actually watches for this.  I hope they are doing a good job, really.  Just pretend a couple of muslims got through with their gifts.  Downtown New York city is a long ways from me here in Texas, but if they had a nuke there, the financial problems would be immediate everywhere.  I am sure they would shut down banks and declare martial law.  That means if you did not have money in your pocket you are out of luck.  Even if you do,  prices will probably raise faster than anyone can keep up with so you will not be able to buy much.

Lets pretend you had money and prices did not change.  Everyone will go crazy and the stores will empty out very quickly with people trying to stock up at the last minute.  Since most grocery stores stock a three day supply, it probably will not be resupplied quickly if at all.  Why you ask?  Fuel is the problem.  Once New York and the stock markets are down, available fuel will skyrocket and transportation will drop like a rock.

An even faster scenario, and plausible also, is an EMP over the U.S.  I do not think it will matter where because if it happened anywhere, it would effect every one of us.  Think of it.  A complete loss of electricity and power anywhere in the country would basically almost stop us in our tracks.  In the stories they talk about several at once to stop everything.  I don’t think it would take but one.  With power we get heat, air, water, food, fuel, light, travel, hospitals, retirement homes, and of course our money and communications.  What happens if one area of the United States was attacked like this and suddenly had no power?  Yeah, mobs, starvation, sickness, people willing to steal to feed their children, all manner of nightmares to deal with.  If the eastern part of the country was like that, they would be moving fast as they can to the west, to us.  By then though, we would be having problems also and the masses would just make it worse.

I am just rattling on here about one of many things that bother me.  This is an issue that everyone needs to think of, but I don’t think it is on many peoples radar.  I think that sooner or later, for one reason or another, everyone will have a chance to say to themselves, “damn, we are not prepared for this”!

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CRC, or, Permission to Go to War

Since I am whining a lot tonight I decided to describe the CRC at Ft. Benning.

Before you can go into a war zone working for the military or a contractor, all people are required to go through the CRC.  That stands for conus replacement center.  I have been there twice.  When it is decided by the military that you will go over to a war zone, (Iraq and Afghanistan in particular), you are required to go through one of these centers.  You also are required to do this if you are a civilian contractor.

There at the CRC you take classes, go through medical screening and get your field gear.  After all is done they fly you to Kuwait.

First day, Friday:  I arrived at Columbus, Georgia and took a taxi to the CRC on Ft. Benning.  Once there I checked in, got a bunk and found out that there was a formation at 9am the next morning.  Saturday morning I went to the mess hall then on to formation.  There we got a pep talk and they described the rules.  Again, I was done for the day.  That night I found a note on my door telling me to report to headquarters.   After reporting, I was told that they had many military people coming in that night and not enough beds.  They said I would have to move into a motel.  They waited until evening to tell anyone.  Cudos to C company at Ft Benning CRC for your lack of planning.  Not all of the civilians had to leave.  I ran into one guy that wanted to move off post into motel with his buddies, so we went in and talked to the sergeant.  He allowed us to change.  So I stayed and the other guy found a motel room.

Sunday formation, more of the same, nothing much.  A WHOLE lot of wasted time.  On Monday morning, we had classes, got paperwork together and used up half the day, then we were off again.  Come Tuesday everything went into high gear.  We went to the Medical facility for screening.  Before I left home I already had a complete physical and all my records so I expected it to be easy.  We were there by six am.  In a very long line out the doors and down the street.  We were mixed in with military personnel there for the same thing.  It was very cold, raining, and windy.  It took me 4 hrs of standing out there to get inside the building.  I went though like I expected.  The only problem I had was needing three booster shots, an anthrax shot and malaria pills.  I expected it, no problem.  Then I went over to CIF.  This is where you get your field gear issued to you.   I previously had field gear a few months back but it was turned in.  Just in case I had the receipts for when the stuff was turned in.  Funny thing, everything was cool except for the gas mask.  I had a turn in receipt but they would not accept it.  I found out later that they would not accept it because they had gotten it, they knew they had gotten it, but they could not find it!  Here’s your sign people.  On Wednesday we had required classes and training all day.  I did not have a chance to do any other stuff.    Thursday was a make up day for things you needed to do in order to finish up.   I went back to CIF, still no luck.  A very nice lady in company supply came over to me and we went in search of the mask they had but could not find.  Guess what?  We found the exact one.  They had it placed where it should not have been and why was I having to look through their crap?  I still do not know.  However, they were happy and reissued me all the field gear.  Then I took a taxi off base to get all the shots and stuff they wanted.  Pretty expensive but I got them.

Thursday evening they had a special checkout for people that had corrected things that had been problems.  I was there and all of a sudden, this doctor tells me I am on medical hold because I needed a waiver.  What!!   My doctors cleared me to deploy, who the hell are you?  At that point I was taken off the flight and told that I would have to stay until the next Friday to fly, if they approved my waiver.  The company then told me I could spend that night but would have to move off base Friday.  So Friday morning I immediately contacted the medical clinic.  Oh I am sorry, the request has not been requested yet, we are waiting on a meeting of some dickhead….  Well it did not happen.  They told me I would have to wait until Monday to get the results.  A long weekend in a motel in Georgia. Finally, Monday just before noon they told me that the waiver had been disapproved and I would have to wait a year after my surgery in November to go back.   I immediately called supply about turning in the field gear which I had such a problem getting.  I could not turn it in that day.  I had to wait until Tuesday in order to do that.  They told me to come back to the CRC, contact D company and te4ll them what happened.  They would take me to the CIF to turn in my field gear.  OK.   I should have known that there would be a problem.  On Tuesday morning, I took a taxi to the CRC and reported to the inprocessing center  at D company.   They were not happy.  I was told I needed a letter from medical, a letter from C company, and why was I there without an escort since I was not signed in?   I reminded them that C company was closed for the week.  Oh my, what do you think their response was?  They told me I would have to wait in a motel off base for a week or return in a week in order to turn the gear back in.  At that point my fun-meter pegged and I went ballistic.  I yelled for their 1st sergeant who verified what they said.  I told him he was an idiot if he thought I was going to spend another week here or return in a week with this stuff.  I told him he could give me an escort if he liked, but I was going to the gate to get a taxi to the airport.  I would take it all home with me and they could pound sand.

So, I still got all my body armor.  I guess I can crawl around outside and play army.  If they want to charge me for all of it, I will just give it back, but they have to come get it now.

OK, now that my whining is over, I got a few suggestions for these morons.

1.  CIF:  It is ridiculous that EVERYONE gets their field gear at Ft. Benning.  It is then carried by them to Kuwait, a very large safe military base their.  Then they travel from there to their duty stations.  Same for civilian or military.   If these idiots would take all the field gear to Kuwait and issue it there, they would save a fortune on space and fuel.  Not to mention convenience to all personnel.

2.  Medical:  I agree that screening is needed.  However it is a joke.  If a person has all their medical records and releases from their doctors, it should not be a problem.  The joke is this.  They have very overweight and unhealthy people go through there with no problem.  No one cares it seems like, no matter how large they are!

Last year in Afghanistan, I met a lady that had a colostomy bag!  What the hell?  I also met people over there that had physical problems, like walking.  They needed a crutch.

I got that off my chest, I have a tough time with stupidity.

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Life Happens When You Are Making Plans

Where to start?  It has been a really rough couple of months.  I am healthy enough.  All the doctors gave me clearance to do anything.

Three weeks ago, my company sent me to CRC in Ft. Benning.  The CRC is a weeks worth of training and evaluation to approve you to go back into a war zone.  I was going back to Afghanistan.  All of  a sudden, these morons decided they wanted me to wait a year until after my surgery before I go back.  On the surface, that is not an unreasonable requirement.  However, my doctors cleared me to deploy and I had been exercising a lot.  I can do 5 miles with a full backpack.  Anyway, they refused me and let many obese people, I am talking short and over 300 lbs, pass.

In the mean time, my wife had put everything in storage.  She was going to live with family and friends for a bit while I was overseas, and she moved out of our house.  So I came back home and found myself homeless basically.

because of all that, I was no longer working for my company, they call it leave without pay, my medical insurance lapsed because of this.  So now I am looking for work, but by my own fault I guess, I will only live in certain areas.  So that limits me.

I am just whining.  Life happens

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Howard Zinn, Idiot

Howard Zinn was an acclaimed and well-respected historian.  Well, in some circles he was.  In other circles, he was viewed as an idiot. He ignored history and facts, preferring to make up history using his own viewpoint and anti-American ideals.
This “scholar” would seem to purposely take a section of history, then reverse what happened or not include all the facts.  He was exceptionally adept at ignoring facts or written history.
Almost without exception in his writings, he blamed anyone white, or anything American.
  I will not list his books, but if you want to read them, please go to the thrift shop, or book traders…Don’t spend good money on them.
 Just to know a little bit more about him, this website is very good.


Why am I blogging about this? Well, the left wing bloggers are upset that this “great” man has died.  This icon of ignorance has left the country he hated.  He is no longer spewing his venom upon the nation that allowed him the freedom to express his “thoughts”.
  Like his thoughts and his writings, wormfood.

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Obama Who?

The other day, obama attacked the Supreme Court. Up untill now he has been content to attack anyone else that disagrees with his socialist agenda. The legislative branch is mostly in the socialist pocket, the executive branch, well, that is him and his fellow traitors.  That only leaves the judicial branch.  Many of the lower courts have gotten “progressive”. The only thing he could not control was the supreme court.  So now, he is attacking it. That makes you wonder why he is doing all this?  Why does he not recognize his position in this country as the elected president?  Is that not enough?  Is he so smart that he can fix all of our problems?  Is he so much more brilliant than any on else that he sees the right way and everyone else is wrong?
  Nope, dont think so.  I have not seen any records of his.  As far as I know he did not go to college.  All we are told is that he went to law school and passed.  That is all.  No one is allowed to see his transcripts. No one is allowed to access his records.  That alone makes me suspicious.  In my line of work, I have to be able to prove my education.    Also, to get a security clearance, we have to be able to account for everything. They want a detailed list of who you knew, who knew you, where you lived, where you worked……..Depending upon the type of clearance, you can be required to go back over 20 or more years.  Can the president do that? Can he justify to all the investigating agencies that he is trustworthy enough to have access to everything?  Are we sure who his father was?  How about his mother?  Is there proof who she was? We cannot even see if he was a live birth.

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Afghanistan Sex

Recently, Fox News published a report about an unofficial study on Afghan men and their preference for young boys for pleasure.    I have been here in Afghanistan for over 18 months now.
  Their preference for boys is not new news to anyone over here. We even joke about their thursday activities.  It seems thay have “friendly thursday”.  I don’t however, think this activity is confined to the afghans, I think it is an islamic thing.  Their kuran even discusses this.  The one thing you will not find out is that last summer, we were warned not to be out alone at night.  There was a problem with rapes here at Bagram.  No, the women here were safe. There were several instances of male soldiers getting knocked down and raped though.  There was even a sergeant major that was raped. 
I never heard if they found out who was doing it. The general consensus here is that it was some of the egyptians or afghans were doing it.  No proof, as far as I know.

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Personal update of Dallanta, the lost blogger


A few years ago, I read a book by Louis L’Amour called “The Walking Drum.”  Actually, I have read it several times over the years.  I love the book, what can I say.  So, the name of this blog reflects the overall premise behind that book (my opinion) and my attitude toward many things.

 It has been a long time and much has changed in my life since I last posted anything here.  For the last year, I have been working in Afghanistan.  Most of the blogging sites and Face book and My Space…. are all blocked content.  I just realized that my blogs were no longer blocked.  I had a good job in the states and I liked my job.  Trouble was, like many people, I did not have enough money to pay off bills.  They were killing us. That was the primary reason to come over here.  One other reason is that I wanted one more adventure?  before I got too old for it.  I discovered that I am not too old for it.  In fact, on some mornings, I have stood outside in the dark watching the sun come up on the Hindu Kush and thinking that this is what I do, this is what I have missed over all those years.    I know, only a complete idiot would think like that.  Who on earth would volunteer for a war zone in the middle of nowhere land and like his work?    I work 7 days a week and 12 hours each day.  They are lonely, long, sometimes cold and sometimes hot, really wet and dry as a bone. The dust storms are blinding, you cannot breath through the dust sometimes, and the ice and snow block off all movement.  Periodically the taliban throw mortars or rockets at us just to let us know they are there, and I love it all.  It is what I do.

  Some of the guys here complain all day about how bad it is and wonder if the money is worth it.  I have seen several people quit over the last year because of the living conditions and the danger.  I seem to be thriving on it though.  I hated my desk jobs in the states. They bored me to no end. And oh yes, they pay me dearly for this too.    Last week, I had my one year anniversary here. I am planning for two or three years here, but we will see how that goes.   This blog is not about me.  The remainder of my blogs will be about America, Islam, terrorists, treason, the Constitution, whatever.  Yes, another political blog from a patriotic right wing gun owner; not to be confused with a left wing extremist.

  I welcome anyone to respond, even if you disagree.  But don’t think for a moment that you will convert me to any liberal socialist causes or viewpoints.

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Conspiracy or Business as Usual

 I normally do not follow or believe in conspiracy theories.  Saying that, I guess it must be easier for a group to conspire because no-one believes it happens.

  I love my country, but I trust any of our politicians about as much as I can toss one.
  The more I read, research, and listen to news though, it gives an impression that their really are groups out there that are conspiring for one thing or another.
  What is a conspiracy? If you look up the definition of conspiracy, you will see that the definition is about as clear as mud. So, here is my opinion of what a conspiracy is. A conspiracy is an ideal or actions taken by one or more individuals to further a specific goal, idea, or opinion; or to subvert someone else’s ideals, actions, group, The democrats are conspiring, the republicans are. the iranians are definitely doing it.  Come to think of it, most people are conspiring in one way or another.
   So much negativism about a conspiracy theory?  Just because it is a conspiracy theory does not mean it is nonexistant.  That is kind of like, just because I am paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get me.
  I guess that trying to figure out how to make my employer pay me for staying home is different from conspiring to get my man in office so he can work for what I want.
Hmmm, so the label of conspiracy theory does not exist; if someone is planning something to further their interests or those of their group, then it is not a theory.
  In light of this, I make my own assumption about it.
  I read too much and watch the news on TV more than I should.  All it does is tick me off.  I also read the news on-line.  The major news stations on TV do have their own agenda and slant.  Even the no-spin type news is the same way. 

  Over the last few weeks I keep getting bothered by this “conspiracy theory”, and I would hope it is just the rambling thoughts of this over-the-hill old fart that is just not happy with the kinds of change we are having  in this world.
  In the U.S., we are having so many problems that we are dealing with.
  The high price of fuel and food hit everyone’s pocketbook and does have an effect on our standard of living.  In addition to this, we have major problems with illegal immigration, border control, terrorism, iraq war, our elected and soon to be elected leaders, national security, and our personal freedoms and rights.

 These problems are either handled ineffectivly or not at all.  That is clear to most Americans now.  We yell and write and threaten, but it has no effect on how our elected rulers conduct business.  They keep doing things the way they believe to be right, getting the same results, not following the will of the people, and miring us down.

  While we are so busy worrying about money and oil, the war and terrorists, or the illegal aliens, we are not seeing what else is going on.  It appears to me that there are many more problems that are not “newsworthy” or done on the quiet with no fanfare, no publicity, and no one except the bloggers seem to be paying any attention at all! Are we being blindsided or misdirected. We have NAFTA, GATT, the  NAU.  Our goverment leaders and the very wealthy keep discussing how to open borders between Canada and Mexico. It has become politically incorrect to question anyones motives on anything. The 1st and the 2nd amendment, among others,are under attack by the Supreme Court, leftists, foreigners, and treasonous bastards.  After 9/11 it became acceptable for Americans to give up certain rights “for our own security”.  Our founding fathers warned us about this very thing, but people pay no attention or they believe they are smarter than the founding fathers. Hell, the Supreme Court has given RIGHTS to prisoners of war!  Now they can use our own laws against us!  If that had happened in WWII we would have lost the war.
The United Nations is a joke, but they are dangersous.  They do not like us,they want to control us. The news media will not discuss many of these other problems. There is an organization called CAIR. It is the Council on American Islamic relations. Many of their founders have been found guilty of terrorism. Several have either been deported or put in jail.  We do not hear about that at all.  On the list of organizations that Obama has supported you will find CAIR. They are also on the list of his supporters. The media and our leaders will not discuss this group here in the United States.  I guess that since it is an islamic group, it must be politically incorrect to question them.
  The first order of business should be to control the borders. The 2nd order of business should be to control congress.  Lets start over.  Lets not vote for any incumbant.  Vote out ALL of these idiots that cannot semm to do a darn thing right, or they are doing it right for themselves and their organization.

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